Projection Screen

Your Media Comes To Life

Display your media on our wide range of projection screens with our state-of-the-art projectors we can ensure your guests won’t miss your media content.


The Experience:

Enhance your event with our various sized projection screens. We offer many sizes and styles of project screens. You can even have your projection screens suspended higher with our custom trussing structure and rigging solutions. Most of our screens can either hang or have floor mounting.

Screen Options

Screen Size Options:

  • 8′ Front Projection Cradle (Pull Up) Screen
  • 5×7 Front and Rear Projection Screen
  • 6×8 Front and Rear Projection Screen
  • 16×9 Front and Rear Projection Screen

Technical Requirements

  • Footprint: Varies on screen size
  • AC Power: N/A
  • Projector needed to display video on screen