Special Effects

NEW! Chill Blast!
Out on a hot, steamy dance floor and just dying for some cold air?  What about creating large plumes of super-chilled fog for an incredible special effect?  Chill Blast is what you are looking for.  Chill Blast is an effect where large 45-foot jets of super-chilled fog blast out over the dance floor taking a 90-degree atmosphere to 30 degrees in 6 seconds.  These blasts are timed with the music for ultimate effect.  This is NOT smoke and will not leave a haze.  Smoke alarms and fire detection systems are NOT effected by Chill Blast.

Laser Light Show
High-end nightclubs around the world use laser light shows for ultimate crowd amazement.  Bring this effect to your next event.  This professional, licensed laser light show cuts through the sky creating different aerial laser effects. 


Black Light Party
Flouorescent paint and white shirts will glow like wildfire with our high-end blacklight party enhancement.  In addition to the high-output black lights, we also provide glow-in-the-dark party favors, making the event a glowing blast!  This special effect looks great when paired with our laser light show for maximum effect. 

Confetti Blast
A shot of confetti 50 feet in the air adds a climax to any event.  Plan this blast during a grand entrance, special song or other high-energy activity.  This confetti consists of large tissue paper squares for easy clean up.  Special colors or streamers are available upon request. 

Money Blast
Similar to our confetti blast, however, this effect launches 75 one dollar bills into the air and raining down on the crowd below.  Place this effect at an appropriate time with the right audience interaction, and you have one moment guests will be certainly talking about.


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What our guests say...

"The very best experience we have had at Nordonia at any dance I can think of! (and I have been teaching for 27 years!) From the initial call and meeting to the follow up, it was professional and catered to our needs. I am emailing the Athletic Director to secure our date for next Homecoming right now!"

-Lisa Dressig
STUCO Advisor, Nordonia High School


"Zone Entertainment’s impeccable customer service and their evident attention to detail ultimately creates an unrivaled product which results in a truly memorable event."

-Cynthia Gobrogge
Prom Advisor, Revere High School