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Jake has been with us since May 2017 and is continuously proving himself to be a great team member. You can always find Jake behind a DJ rig playing the tunes, or assisting in anything technical. Jake is always willing to go above and beyond for our guests and his Zone team.

Get To Know Jake:


Jake’s Favorite Artist: Maroon 5

Jake’s Favorite Movie: Avengers: Infinity War

Jake’s Favorite Food: Domino’s Pizza

Jake’s Favorite Dance Move: The Dab

Jake’s Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Cookie Dough

Jake’s Favorite Season: Fall, because his birthday is in the fall

Jake’s Favorite Vacation: A cruise he went on with all of his Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins.

Jake’s Favorite Color: Orange


When Jake is not spending time with his Zone family you will be able to find him volunteering at Playhouse Square as a part of their STARS program. Jake will be going into his senior year at Solon High School where he also enjoys performing in his high school plays and musicals.  Jake is also a member of his high school show choir, Music In Motion.

If all of those things don’t keep him busy enough, in his down time he enjoys spending time outside, flying his drone and shooting some footage to put together some really awesome YouTube videos.

“When Jake started at Zone just over a year ago, I knew he had potential to be a great asset to our team. Little did I know just how much of an asset he would truly become. Jake came in wanting to be a DJ, not only has he succeeded in his goals of becoming a DJ here at Zone. Jake has also worked very hard and has become a great member of our technical team as well. I know I can always count on Jake to be there when we need him, ready to go, with a smile on his face.”

Keyshaun SmithLead Warehouse Technician

“I really like the people – I like how we all go off to our separate events have a fun time with those people and then all come back to the office to talk and hang out all together.”

– Jake Ressler, Crew Member Of The Month

When Jake joined the team back in 2017 he really wasn’t sure what to expect from Zone. He was able to get his feet wet for his first few shows by taking photos at grad parties and other similar events. He immediately fell in love with the people and everything we do at Zone. He has a drive and ambition to learn more and always be the best he can possibly be.

Jake is currently working as a Mitzvah DJ and is soon to be earning his wings as a School Dance DJ. When Jake’s not playing the music he enjoys sitting behind the lighting controller and creating a stellar light show for our events.

Jakes favorite event with Zone was Jefferson High School’s 2018 Prom.

“I had the best time at that event, everyone loved me and even knew my name. The kids all had a lot of fun and fed off of the energy from the DJ and the dancers.”

– Jake Ressler, Crew Member Of The Month

Congratulations to Jake on being June’s Crew Member Of The Month! Interested in working with our awesome Zone Crew just like Jake? Contact our team today to get started!