Giant Games

Your Favorite Classic Games… Life Size!

Our Giant Games Collection will keep guests entertained for hours at your next event! No instructions necessary for these simple, yet timeless games!


The Experience:

Ensure guests remained entertained at your next event with Zone’s Giant Games Collection, featuring giant versions of classic games Pick-Up Sticks, Connect Four, Jenga, Chess, and Scrabble.  Available either individually or as a complete collection, these nostalgic games are sure to bring back old memories and reel in guests ready to relive their childhood through giant game play.

The Setup:

A majority of Giant Games ship fully assembled with some assembly required (by our trained technicians) for select items.

Game Offerings

Games include:

  • Giant Connect Four (Includes wooden frame and an assortment of Red and Black plastic game discs)
  • Giant Pick-Up Sticks (Includes sticks and ball)
  • Giant Scrabble (Includes letter tiles with singular letter quantity in accordance to official Scrabble rules, and 4 trays to hold letters)
  • Giant Jenga (Includes wooden Jenga blocks)
  • Giant Chess (Includes playing board and playing pieces)

Technical Requirements

  • Minimum 6′ x 6′ footprint per game
  • AC Power:  None Needed